Investing with Shimshon Plotkin, CFP with Plotkin Financial Advisors, LLC with Real estate investing aka REIT

Ever hear the word, REIT? It stands for Real Estate Investment Trust. Shimshon Plotkin with Plotkin Financial Advisors, LLC is explaining how you can get into real estate investing by investing into a REIT. You can hire a real estate agent and build your own portfolio or learn how to go the investment banking route.

How do you protect yourself from FUTURE Bernie Madoff when investing your money?

Shimshon Plotkin

Bio for Mr. Plotkin,

Shimshon Plotkin, CFP®, CFS
As the founder and president of Plotkin Financial Advisors, Shim Plotkin leads a devoted team of specialists and service professionals. Holding engineering degrees in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and a master’s degree in industrial management, he began his career in the financial industry in 1974 when he joined Citibank in their Wall Street operations. With a desire to assist families with their long-term financial goals, Shim joined a registered investment advisory firm, Carroll, Frank & Plotkin, LLC, in Baltimore in 1996. After building a successful business and becoming a CFP® in just 5 years, Shim created his own Registered Investment Advisory firm, Plotkin Financial Advisors, in Chevy Chase, Maryland.
Shim is a member of the Institute of Certified Financial Planners and a member of the Financial Planning Association. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Real Estate Investment Securities Association, REISA. Shim conducted financial seminars for employees at such companies as General Motors and Corporate Office Properties. He also conducted Adult Education seminars for the Howard and Baltimore County Community Colleges.
The Legacy Committee of the Baltimore Zionist District sought Shim’s advice when creating their long-term endowment for the support of local non-profit causes. Shim believes supporting synagogues and churches is an important way to promote values and excellence in communities across the country.
How Shim built his advisory business is the topic of a 2008 article in Investment News, a leading news source for financial advisors. Shim collaborated with First Trust Portfolios, L.P., by selecting the asset allocation for the Georgetown Portfolios Capital Appreciation Unit Investment Trust (First Trust, L.P. is the sponsor of this trust). Shim and his wife Terri enjoy traveling across the U.S. to marvel at the diversity and beauty of the country. An avid hiker and golfer, Shim believes that these hobbies provide him with a unique personal time to see the country and “stop and smell the roses.”