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Todd LaBorwit was recognized by National Mortgage Professional Magazine as an innovator making serious waves and shaping the industry. He is committed to putting integrity back into the lending and real estate business.

Todd LaBorwit has been in the mortgage business since 1997, working with the large banks. At the collapse of the industry in 2008 new rules and regulations went into effect for all Mortgage Lenders and Brokers. The banks had strong lobbyists to avoid heavy mortgage originating regulations. As a result, the experienced mortgage originators that could pass the licensing regulations and meet all the requirements went to work for a mortgage lender and/broker. And those mortgage originators that chose not to, or were unable to, meet the new regulation requirements received employment at a Bank. The bank mortgage originators are only required to register their existence with the National Mortgage License System (NMLS).

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Todd LaBorwit, NMLS # 131497
Topaz Mortgage, NMLS # 131548