This page is still under construction as we build it.    Please contact us if you have TIPS to add.

– SAVE your HUD-1 Settlement sheet for your CPA for when you do that years IRS income taxes.

–  Have your new home, deep cleaned before moving in, and use a company from montrealmovers online to make it easier.

– Look into a home warranty option.  There are many to choose from.   See if the Realtor or Title company will purchase it for you.

– Change the locks and/or security code system code.

– Water bill escrow.  Typically the settlement company will escrow funds from the seller to pay the final Water bill.

– Wills /Trust / Power of Attorney in place.   All are important but the urgency is to protect your children if something was to happen to you.

New Page, Tips once you get a Ratified sales contract

–  Home inspectors. – Tell story and liability

– Mold check
– Water – explain soft water
–  List all items to know.