Jeremy Welsh, Partner & Executive Vice President of The Insurance Exchange

Jeremy Welsh

Jeremy Welsh, Partner, Executive Vice President, Commercial lines with The Insurance Exchange. Focusing on educating about the importance of E&O insurance for real estate professionals, no matter how right you are, you can still get sued and loose. Plus he brings in his two interns that go to University of Maryland College Park at the business school.

Jeremy Welsh is the Sales Manager for The Insurance Exchange and became a principal in 2011. He has focused his career on providing Property & Casualty and Brokerage services to many professional and business owners. Jeremy has built an impressive clientele with over 200 clients nationwide. He leads the nonprofit, technology and affinity program practice and serves additional industry sectors as well. He specializes in helping clients with reducing costs, coordinating strategies and improving safety by developing written actions plans to identify exposures. Jeremy has earned his designation in the agency as a Certified Insurance Counselor.